How to Attract People to You Is Easier Than You Think

Now before you start thinking mind control or mentalism, consider the easiest route first. You can attract people to you with secret body language that gets people looking up and listening to what you have to say.

Here’s how to attract people to you in no time:

  • Practice sensual eye contact. Let your eyes focus deep into her third eye.

    how to attract people to you

    You can do it with a smile

  • Stand erect but at ease. The comfortable person holds more power.
  • Deepen your voice and speak more slowly than usual. Speaking fast detracts from your credibility
  • Keep your arms uncrossed and your legs wide.
  • Be the first to offer a handshake.
  • Get people laughing- but laugh the least

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And here’s a video that will summarize kick ass body language. Are you ready to learn how to attract people to you in no time?




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